Spot the now – new podcast

Covid-19 changed everything. All bets are off. Let’s talk about what we see now and what that means for the future we are all co creating.

AI Sweden and I have partnered up again to talk about technology and our future. But we see a tech fatigue in the public conversation as buzzwords take over instead of purpose and direction. Many with us thirst for a real vision for Sweden and society at large. We need to know what we strive for before we throw tech at the problem. We believe in a friendly conversation, a lot of listening, softly spoken and hard hitting. Let’s discuss the Now, what that means for the Bigger picture and maybe sprinkle the conversation with tech when it’s useful.

Podcast coming soon, co-hosted with Peter from AI Sweden. Alla talar svenska:)

Season One. 10 episodes. 10 guests sharing their obserations of the Now and what that means for later.

Ping me if you want to partner up and co-create content, questions and the conversation with us.

You and I have the mandate and a responsibility to build a better future.

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