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Aurore Belfrage is an Investor, Tech Diplomat, Economist, Digitalization Strategist in a Green Transistion, Political Advisor, Ex-scrap dealer and Aubergine lover & West Wing fan.

Innovation is borderless. A naive statement? Probably, but the opposite is both boring and unhelpful. Cheap(ish) technology, hungry entrepreneurs and skilled investors are moving the needle everywhere.

Stating  the obvious – We all know that we face unprecedented challenges in globalization, social inequality, geopolitical risk and climate change. I believe that technology is a powerful enabler (but NOT a silver bullet) and in fact the opportunities ahead are mind boggling. The brave, savvy, naive and dedicated are rethinking society, catalyzing our tranisition to fossil free and creating value. Don’t be confused by the show, the buzzwords galore and the formulaic mirage… quick sand.

My immediate focus is Commercial.

My longterm vision is Sustainability, Fairness & Peace.

My confession is that it’s all an excuse to eat aubergine.


Tech investor, geopolitical risk advisor and sustainability strategist Aurore Belfrage spends her time in the intersection of technology, the energy transition and international affairs.  She is the co-founder of the green tech thinktank SusTechable, co-author of “Climate and the new world order” and co-founding Chairwoman of remote-technology-team company Söderhub. She also operates as senior advisor for the Swedish National Center for Artificial Intelligence and sat on the Swedish government’s steering committe for the world exhibition DubaiExpo2020.  She holds various board and advisory positions including Ferronordic, MyTelescope, Bubbleroom and deep geothermal GADrilling.

From 2016 to 2019, she held the position of Head of Early Stage at EQT Ventures, while also working as a columnist for Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet covering tech, government policy and international relations.

In 2011, she co-founded the global fintech startup Wrapp with Skype founder Niklas Zennström and Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman as early investors. In 2014, she joined the digital media Your Middle East as Partner and Head of Entrepreneurship and Investment and effectively toured the region as a standup comedian on tech.

Aurore is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics. She started out her career as a Country Manager in Italy and the Czech Republic for the Swedish recycling group Stena Metall.

Check out linkedin for more flavor OR read about Aurore’s investements under the tab Portfolio.

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