“It’s no longer the new economy – Ask questions until you get it”

“Social Media? No, the world doesn’t need to know what I had for breakfast!”, answers the important CEO when I ask about their social media strategi. Wake up – this is no longer the new economy and it’s embarrassing how many big cheeses still don’t get technology or social media. Hiring a CDO – Chief Digital Officer – feels good I know, but it’s borderline misconduct not the take the time to understand technologies that might soon underpin and transform your entire industry. The higher you are on the career ladder the harder it seems to be to-go-back-to-school even only figuratively. The only rational action for top management should be to ask questions until you get it. The important CEO would have been able to answer most questions about margins, procurement, logistics and same needs to be true for tech.
How will blockchain transform payments and contacts? How will Machine Learning effect efficiency and profit margin? What cyber security dangers are lurking in the ether?
For full article published first in http://www.svd.se

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