I met Q


I met Q. James Bond’s trusted gadget, tech and innovation guru Q? No the Qatari Rock Star Super Star Cowboy entrepreneur Mr Q – Khalifa al Haroon. It’s a great play on words as Khalifa really is pushing the boundaries of innovation with his businesses and maybe more importantly by being a real champion of entrepreneurship in Qatar. His story is classic in the sense that he initially struggled to get attention, funding and understanding for his vision. He seems to be stubborn enough and is equipped with big smile&brains. I can so see him pushing and pushing to build his dream. And now a few years later he is Mr Q and a man in demand. Makes me think of the “great” film with Kevin Costner from maybe early 90-ties – Field of Dreams. “Build it and they shall come”

After a few days in Doha I’m starting to understand the structure and the vibe of the city. My 2 best views have to be from Ooredoo Tower and Ericsson in Salam Tower… breath taking.  More importantly they are keen supporters of startups and innovation, so Fingers Crossed they’ll support our dream to take the #YMEstartup road show to Doha.

The vibe here is crazy ambitious (see pic of oversize teddy…). And they LOVE abbreviations… QF, QDB, my friends at QBIC, QMIC, QSTP. See a pattern? It all about Q and love for Qatar… Qupid? Qurios to know more? Come join us in Doha 23rd of Feb.

Chapeau et Merci Merci to my friend Jean-Marc who has hosted me here in Doha! He might not like seafood and he is eccentric enough to live in a hotel, but I have enjoyed our late night conversations thoroughly. Life, Love, Work, Fighting Daesh, & Space aliens and Comparing lives as a Control Freaks are a few of the topics covered.

Always save the best for last; Syrian aubergine and meze in the Souq. Next stop Dubai tonight.

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