Focus on execution, ideas are not worth much

"How should I protect my idea?" This is a question discussed a lot amongst investors and founders and my take is that the value gained when getting feedback from likely and unlikely peeps is worth much more than safe guarding your business idea. Most probably the pain you are looking to solve has been identified by others and … Continue reading Focus on execution, ideas are not worth much

Saluting the Crazy and Naïve

Stockholm is freezing right now… but the startup scene is HOT. Last week I was back at Tyler’s #SthlmTech Meetup to meet and great with the geeky, hipster, #worlddomination ecosystem. Always a treat. I’m keeping an eye on Watty, Detectify and uber cool PaceMaker…. Save our environment, protect yourself against hackers and finding your Beat all … Continue reading Saluting the Crazy and Naïve